6 comments on “Phoenix from the ashes

  1. Wow, Marc’s done a superb job here. Give’s me hope for my own Phoenix tents. I still feel they are amongst the best tents ever designed and produced. I have a few (Phoxhole, Phreedome, Phreerunner EB, Phalcon) which i’ve used in some of the toughest weather around the world over the last 30 years and it’s great to know it may be possible to give at least one of them a new lease of life.


    • That’s quite a collection! The 1990s Phoenix catalogue was terrific, and the designs were amazingly robust. A bit heavy by modern standards, I suppose, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with modern materials. (The restored Phreeranger is under 1600g including pegs and stuff sacks – not bad at all for an all-season tent – less than an Akto, for instance.) I miss the small-scale companies like Phoenix and Robert Saunders making great gear for the British hills – something absent from a lot of modern lightweight designs. Such a shame that Phoenix didn’t survive the Karrimor takeover.

      I’m really chuffed that Marc took up the challenge. He’s a talented chap. His own designs are excellent as well. The Trekkertent Edge looks like a tough, light design, very much in the spirit of Phoenix and others.


    • Yes, I remember you posted about it a while ago. The Phreeranger seems to be the definitive backpacking tent for a quite large group of us who started out in the 80s and 90s (or before!). Marc’s talking about doing replacement inners at some point as well, and Hampton Works can still supply pole sets to the orginal spec. So there’s no obvious obstacle to a whole new tent. In the meantime I might get myself an EB flysheet as well – just to have the choice. The new material means much less of a weight penalty than the original EB imposed.


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  3. Hi Matt, so glad you left a link to your Blog on my Blog, and thanks to your efforts to save your Phreeranger I can now get the tent I’ve been looking for.


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